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Thursday, September 08, 2005

PDC BOF: Apps Design for SOA

I’m hosting a Birds of a Feather session at PDC Tuesday night 10:15PM. Here is the description:

Some build services to wrap legacy applications or integrate otherwise monolithic systems. Others say building new applications for service-orientation make those solutions agile. What does that mean? How should applications be designed to fit future service-oriented architectures? This is a brainstorm session -- no telling where it will lead.

Apocalyptic, no? I threw this together last Friday afternoon – almost on a whim – because there wasn’t really any other BOF sessions taking on the topic. It was accepted on Monday, which makes me feel bad for these guys, but they’ve got a backup plan.

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Paul Downey said...

Good luck with that, Erik. Of course the answer is to concentrate on the documents being exchanged and not the 'methods' exposed, but i guess you know that already :-)