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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got my name in the Financial Times!

Only a few people know I like to hobby with macroeconomics during break-time around the office*. Most of my colleagues had begun the weekly yoga session in the area outside my office. So, the lights were out and the soothing music seeped under my door. I was reading the commentary in that day’s FT – the top op-ed piece essentially said that the US should welcome sovereign wealth funds without looking too intently under the hood.

Well, clearly someone had to say something. So, I channeled a little John Maynard K. and typed up my first-ever letter to an editor. And in the spirit of what can be done to “some of the people some of the time”, the FT printed my letter (requires free registration to read the whole letter**) in last Friday’s edition (at least in the US). I had no idea until I stumbled on it while on the train home from work. Cool!

* Not really.
** You can try this
link until the FT scrolls the entry into the archives.